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RE: [permaculture] Re: Pc teacher input on Pc Courses

On 19-May-99 eric + michiko wrote:

> [Any decrease in the price of Pc courses would decrease the teacher's
> income.]

That does not have to be this way. Sometimes reducing the price leads into much
more buyers and this to an overall increase of income.

The question is: Does one more student really cost 500$ more for the teacher or
isnīt it so, that there are fix costs - and that every student who payes makes
it cheaper for the organizers?

> Why can't Pc be less expensive?

Because permaculturist choose what may be called permaculture and what not.
Every (high) standard not everybody can fulfill leads into higher prices.

If follow the rules, I may not teach "permaculture". This is a similar
phenomenon with doctors in the industrial-countries: Few doctors, high
standards-> High prices! On the other hand I never saw professional
permaculture-gardeners. All permaculturists I know claim to be "designers", so
mind-labour. "Soft"-labour is always more expensive than "hard"-labour.

Larry is right:  If organizing a course, spending time in preparation is so
expensive, the solution would be in spending more time in sharing the
preparations for future generations not in the form of the end-product but in
the form of ressources.

Look at the problems of "Skye" for getting some material to present the mexican
government. We could allready have statistics,databases, pictures,... on the
net. Larries  ftp-archive already has some ressources. (I must admit I have
not checked the archive for months).

We could have a paket for "introduction to permaculture" presented via the web
with examples and translated into many different languages which could help
people in understanding the basics of permaculture and beeing a basis istself
for presenting permaculture on a course etc..

Thilo Pfennig 

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