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Re: [ecopath] What is Permaculture (long) (fwd)

Amendment to make:

Permaculture was coined by two Australians, Bill Mollison and David Homgren. Its
always good to credit David as well as Bill as they were co-authors to Permaculture


Larry London wrote:

> By: Deborah L. Butler
> What is Permaculture?
> The word is a contraction of "permanent agriculture" (and to some extent
> "permanent culture"), and was coined by an Australian named Bill
> Mollison, who along with a considerably less gregarious colleague more
> or less (re-)invented the ideas it embodies.  The manner of action of
> permaculture is to observe and learn from the natural systems that we
> are a part of and apply those learnings to our creating of systems.
> "Protracted and thoughtful observation before (instead of) protracted
> and thoughtless labor" is another way of putting it...it's a way of
> thinking, rather than a specific technique, tradition or method.

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