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Re: Bill Mollison copyright statement

Following this line of thought American aborigines should be given back all
that was taken from them by the Europeans.  And people who earn income
shouldn't be paid because they learned their skill, craft, profession from
someone else.

All of us are beholden to someone who preceeded us for our knowledge and
ability to survive - Bill certainly gives lots of credit to the aboriginal
knowledge he has been taught and does so in his writings, if one bothers to
read them.  He also gives scholarships to any aboriginal  who desires to
take his classes.   He also did the first geneology of the Tasmanian
aborigines, whose existence had been denied by the Australian government,
thereby giving them the right to claim Tasmanian tribal land and government
benefits which had heretofore been refused.

I think it good to remember that getting on high horses leaves one a long
distance to the ground.

At 11:31 PM 5/27/99 +0200, Thilo Pfennig wrote:
>On 27-May-99 Scott Pittman wrote:
>(Bill Mollison:)
>> Agriculture or Sustainable Designs. All such people need to write their own
>> curriculum and textbooks and not plagiarize my work nor my illustrations.
>If it is free information, people do not give respect to the roots of the
>information, but if they produce material themselves they only think about
>"their" ownership. It is clearly that Bill has nothing against using his
>material if he gets payed for it. So what he is bothering about is, that he
>not enough money.
>I know that our current laws are protecting personal rights very much. On the
>other hand people like Bill Mollison were heavily influenced by the natives,
>who seldom get payed for the know-how they have worked for many thousands or
>tenthousands of years.
>I think copyright is just not natural.
>Thilo Pfennig 
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