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Re: what came first?

Thanks patrick.  I give a section in my Permaculture Design Course on 
aesthetics and the function of aesthetics and the capability of the aesthetic 
aspect of our mind to work with far more variables than the poor, 
simple-minded analytic function can achieve.  If it feels beautiful--go for 
it.  But keep to appropriate scale until the analytic aspect of your brain 
checks for screw ups.  Well, always keep to appropriate scale, but that is 
always much smaller until you acquire experiences that validate and refine 
your design choices.  There are other issues that impinge on the topic, to 
say the least.  However the least is all I want to say for now because I 
don't have time to give a section of my course.  However we do give it online 
once a year.

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In a message dated 6/10/99 4:28:50 AM, you wrote:

<<what came first? 
nature did.  
can anyone seperate the functional from the beautiful in nature?

if it doesn't work then it is not beautiful,
if it isn't beautiful it does not work.

Strive to embody these characteristics as embodied perfectly in nature (in 
the biggest sense), 
and you will likely acieve what your heart truly desires.

have a nice day!