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Re: Permaculture & Vegetarianism

During our Permaculture Design Course we asked Bill Mollison about his diet.
He simply said he avoids factory food.

Larry London wrote:

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> On Mon, 14 Jun 1999 sbonney@iquest.net wrote:
> > Skye wrote:
> > >I came to threee conclusions
> > >1. The vegan diet is basically for the financially priveledged of the
> > >"first" world.
> > >2. That it is environmentally destructive.
> > >3. That socially and ecologically the world cannot afford such a diet.
> >
> > Dr. Weston Price (Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation) in his search of
> > villages,
> > tribes, etc.that ate only indiginous foods and none of the displacing foods of
> > commerce never found a vegan society that had good nutrition as he measured
> > by good dentition (straight teeth without caries and well formed dental arches).
> > Many people, including myself, believe in the necessity of animals in a
> > sustainable
> > farming system and see them as much a part of permaculture as plants.
> I have nothing against eating meat; individuals differ in their
> nutritional needs, the need for animal protein varies from person
> to person. Some theories link blood type with need for animal protein
> or with natural affinity for vegan diet (the type A's, a+, a-, something
> about lack of stomach acid to digest meat).
> There is no question of the ability of a vegan diet to perfectly nourish
> and sustain a person whether they live an active or sedentary lifestyle.
> If people of an indigeneous culture aren't living healthy lives due to
> their vegan diet it is simply because they did not eat enough of or
> a diverse enough range of vegan foods, not because they didn't eat animal
> products.
> A perfectly adequate vegan diet can consist of the following foods:
> fruit, fresh or dried
> vegetables, fresh or dried
> sprouts
> seeds
> beans
> grains
> nuts
> sea vegetables
> herbs
> natural minerals: clay, mined or evaporated salt
> The above fresh, cured, cultured, dried, juiced, cooked or fermented (all
> kinds of krauts and kim chee)
> You vegans should try White Wave SILK soy milk and soy yogurt (a boon
> to all mankind; three cheers for WW!)
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