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Re: Bill Mollison copyright statement

get your swaling hoe and go folks  if your poor you dont care about the
semantics   SonoPerm
>From: Skye <skye@tortuga.com>
>To: "permaculture" <permaculture@franklin.oit.unc.edu>
>Subject: Re: Bill Mollison copyright statement
>Date: Wed, Jun 2, 1999, 12:52 PM

>Hola a todos
>A few weeks ago I was working in the mountain area near Nevado Toluca
>(the major volcano in the State of Mexico, Mexico). One of the
>agronomists I was working with, told of how, a few years ago he had
>taken four of the campesinos from this area on an eductional tour/field
>trip. After crossing the state of Michoacan they eventually stopped at a
>beach on the Pacific Ocean. The four men stood on the beach for an hour,
>staring in amazement, mouths slightly open, arms hanging loose. After an
>hour of studying this amazing sight, they returned to Alejandro and
>quite seriously asked, "but what does it look like in the dry season?". 
>Obviously the section of the standard sylabus on clasical landscapes,
>specifically the part on coral island atolls is not only irrelevant to
>these mountain people, but more so, is so totally outside their realm of
>experience that the very concept of an ocean island is incomprehensible. 
>So, can I work with these people in the name of Permaculture or not?? I
>am certainly not about to waste their time with coral atoll
>If not, then the previous comments about Pc being elitist are starting
>to sound very real. Can we only teach Pc to those with sufficient
>education, access to information (and maybe internet) and a wide
>experience of concepts????
>I have heard and read many Pc people claim Pc takes many of its
>concepts/inspiration from nature - has anyone ever noticed that nature
>changes and evolves???? Are we prepared to also grow and evolve -
>Natural Succession is a basic premise of PC for me - lets try doing in
>our organisation as well as our gardens!!
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