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Hola a todos

Been out of contact for a week or so - getting access to phones is not
always easy - so I was pleasantly surprised by the comments and
responses to my recent rantings. Thanks to all.

I'm a little high at the moment. We have just finished the First
Graduation of PC Diplomas of Mexico!!!!

Last weekend we held an event at which all PCD holders with more than
two years practical experience were invited to attend and present their
projects for consideration.

On the "assessment" board with me was Nelson Denman from US Drylands
Institute (the first time we had met face to face!!!!) and Alejandra
Caballero (Mexican architect, PC teacher, environmnental activist,
co-author of the only decent book on PC in spanish and all round amazing

Twenty two students presented details of their projects. Subjects varied
from implementing home garden/orchard systems, taking PC into the state
high school system, great research into hygene (composting toilets),
designing food forests for local mexican conditions, activist work to
inform Mexico of the dangers of Transgenic materials, spreading
composting to campesino communities, establishing organic outlets,
restoring low deciduous forests and teaching communities basic
do-it-yourself health diagnosis and herbal cures.....

22 Mexican Diplomates!!!!! 

What a celebration!!! - we drummed and danced till the early hours.

Our host - the community of Huehuecoyotl also added the dimensions of
marvelous food, a beautiful site, healing rain,and earth-honouring
ceremonies to open and close the event and to celebrate the sun each

It is with great honour that I post this list of new diplomas to the
international permaculture community

Jose Cebada Castaneda
Svante Van Bart
Holgar Hieronimi
Arturo Cardenas
Edgar Rivera
David Rinck
Antonio Garcia
Laura Kuri
Rebeca Vazquez
Andrea Garcia
Alberto Miranda
Odin Ruz
Beatriz Briggs
Ma Isabel Gonzalez
Georgina Clark
Ana Ruiz
Carolina Cruz
Enrique Hernandez
Huile Saavedra
Maricela Vera
Genaro Maya
Maria Isabela Gonzalez

On a different note - today I met with some top beaurocrats in the
National Secretariat for the Environment and also from the Dept of
Agriculture - they want an intro to PC for some of their top decision
makers!!!!  Hope I can pull that one off!!!!

So, I'm high and happy and busy, and especially thankful for the
opportunity to work in such a beautiful country with such special

Skye - Apdo # 391,  Patzcuaro, Michoacan, CP. 61600 México. 
fax  (52) 01 (434) 24743
Profesor y diseñador en Permacultura
Director del Instituto de Permacultura de México A.C.
Talleres de desarrollo humano, planeación participativa y 
economía comunitaria.

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