Albrecht and Reams fertility

Soil Scientists,

What can you say about the soil fertility concepts and practices 
advocated by the late Drs. William Albrecht and Carey Reams? 

I have access to literature and know of several alternative 
soil labs and consultants who work within the framework
of these fertility systems, but want to know what 
ASA/SSSA members can offer in support of or against
these methods. 

On another level, to the extent that these consultants are 
working with farmers who manage well over 1 million acres of 
farmland via these alternative fertility practices, why doesn't 
this garner more interest amongst soil scientists?  

Specifically, what about: 
  The Morgan Soil Test, published as a Univ. of CT Agric. 
     Experiment Station Bulletin decades ago.  How common
     is this in soil labs these days? 
  The LaMotte Soil Test 
  The Morgan Universal Soil Extract 
  The Albrecht method of cation balancing, with Ca:Mg at
    an optimum ratio of 7:1, etc. 
  The Reams concept of Biological Theory of Ionization, 
    which says plants derive energy from the resistance between
  The concept of anionic (vegetative) and cationic (fruiting) 
    phases of plant growth, as per Reams
  Importance of rock phosphate and hi-calcium lime
  The use of an electrical conductivity meter to evaluate
    soil energy (ERGS=Energy Released per Second per Gram of
  The use of a refractometer to monitor sugar content of 
      leaves, to predict tolerance to pests and devise
      foliar feeds
  Radionics, or the use of radionic instruments as a
      bioassay/diagnostic tool in fertility programs, used by 
      practitioners of Reams 

I am working on a publication that will summarize these 
alternative practices, and any insights, research, or citations you 
can offer will be appreciated.  


Steve Diver
Fayetteville, AR