Re: educational visit

On Wed, 22 Feb 1995, Rachel Freifelder wrote:

> Hello, I am a grad student at UC Davis, studying sustainable agriculture 
> and systems design.  Does anyone know of any permaculture/biodynamic 
> farms or similar integrated operations that welcome short-term visitors 
> interested in seeing how they work, or, even better, that are interested 
> in someone undertaking some kind of agronomic study of their farm?  I am 
> trying to develop ways to audit for "sustainability", including soils, 
> water quality, energetics, nutrient cycling, interaction with natural 
> systems; I'm hoping that these audits would be useful to people striving 
> for sustainability.
> I'm especially interested in communities, and obviously would be most 
> able to visit places within California or southern Oregon.
> Any leads would be appreciated.

The La Tierra community in California might interest you. Here's all the 
information I have on it plus some other feedback for you.

Lawrence F. London, Jr. - london@sunSITE.unc.edu 
La Tierra information:
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Newsgroups: alt.sustainable.agriculture
Subject: Permaculture Design Course - CA
Date: 2 Nov 1994 21:43:03 -0500