Re: educational visit (fwd)

I wonder what kind of agronomic studies you have in mind.  I know many 
organic farms in Oregon and Washington and could recommend some to you
if you could elaborate on your interest areas.  Several of the farms I
work with as a field rep for a processing company are involved in on-farm
research projects.   I'll try send you some pages from the Tilth directory
which would put you in touch with organic farms in Oregon.  

We are putting a lot of attention on green-manuring (cover crops),  com-
posting and compost use,  cultural/biological control of diseases and 
potential pest insects, and always better weed control including better 
cultivation techniques and equipment, smothering with allelopathic (we
may hope) cover crops, and the judicious use of propane flames. 

Woody Deryckx,  Cascadian Farm  (360) 855-2717 or wderyckx@igc.apc.org


Lawrence F. London, Jr. - london@sunSITE.unc.edu