Re: Holistic resource management

Hi Norm.  I was in Nebraska for 12 years before coming to Cornell.  I have
several friends very involved in HRM, formed by Alan Savory.  Briefly, as
I understand it, HRM involves a series of workshops on management and
decisions.  Savory himself was very committed to intensive rotational
grazing and several of my friends involved in HRM are very pleased with
the grazing systems they have implemented.  I neer hears Savory first
hand, so mwhat I say is my interpretation of someone' interpretation of
what he said.  They basically went for rotational grazing as a substitute
for "mob"grazing as the buffalo did.  It is not a recipe, and my friends
have become very involved with plant identification and life cycles.  Thye
utilize the grazing to improve production and stand and to control
undesirable species.

As mentioned before though, HRM goes way beyond grazing to other
management issues - similar to but more in depth than ProDairy.  I say
more indepth partly because the folks go away to a several day to week
course so a are more immersed rather than going home and catching up on
chores as they do after our ProDairy classes.

I am out of the loop now, but assume someone will write with HRMs address.
 They have state offices, but my memory is they were headquartered in New
Mexico or thereabouts.

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