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Welcome to perma@eepo.com.au, a subscriber-postings-only(*) mailing list run
by some members of the Permaculture Association of Western Australia (PAWA).
The list was formed for discussion and communication between permaculturists
in Western Australia (and any other interested parties).

We welcome your input and we invite you to join us in encouraging people all
over the world to discover permaculture for themselves.  The following topic
list gives some idea of the wide range we might cover ...

  Agricultural History     Alternative Economics  Bio-regionalism
  Community Aid            Community Building     Community Forestry
  Ecology                  Economic Regionalism   Energy
  Enviro Contamination     Enviro Education       Enviro Ethics
  Enviro Investment        Food Production        Green Business
  Healthy Cities           LETS                   Landscape Architecture
  Legislative Initiatives  Ongoing Projects       Organics
  Pattern Language         Population Growth      Project Finance
  Recycling                Self-help              Sustainability
  Sustainable Agriculture  The Environment        Town Planning
  Urban Planning           Waste Management       Water Purification

... but this list is by no means definitive.  Be imaginative!!
(topic list stolen shamelessly from Mike Smith <auhicmds@ibmmail.com> :-)

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Similarly, replace "DEFINITION" above with one of the following words if you
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DEFINITION      A definition of Permaculture
ORGS-WA         Western Australian organisations involved with permaculture,
                including contact details.

World Wide Web (WWW)
Those blessed with WWW access may like to browse our newly created web pages
at - http://www.eepo.com.au/perma/

Your welcome contributions to the web pages may be submitted to this address
<perma-www@eepo.com.au> for possible editing and perusal before addition to
the web.

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