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I get my microbes from Petrik Laboratories 916-666-1157 fax 916-661-0489 
and its been  organic on CCOF 
cal.certified organic farmers list for years.  I have put it out every 
year for over 8 years.  A lot in the beginning to bring my land back to 
life and smaller amounts now.  It has speeded up the natural process and 
made living soil a lot faster than nature could.  A lot of farmer have 
killed off there lands life because they wanted only good production 
for today so 
adding microbes in my mind really helped me out.  tHE problem some have 
is that there are no Microbes .  You need them for 
substaniable ag.  
Essential plant nutrients are converted and released to crops,microbes 
are actively fixing nitrogen from air,they are active in decomposing 
cellulose,they are decomposing and mineralizing humates, they are 
mineralizing organic compounds of phosphorus and nitrifying microbes are 
active in promoting mineralization of humus.  All crop residues should be 
recycled to the soil and microbes help decompose them.  The thing I can 
see it and feel is that Microbes improves tilth .  People have been using
Microbes as compost starter I use it as a biofertillizer for imporveing 
the soil structure and assuring a balance in soil metabolism,with the 
production of stable humus.  I feel the biological functions occuring in 
the soil are critical to maintaining a health,fertle soil. I wounder if 
there is much work going on researching Microbes.  They use to laugh 
about it now I think they are taking a second look at it.  I heard of EM 
in Japan and Cuba is doing some work there.  In the olden days I heard 
they use to have to plant peaches they brought out west to Cal. with the 
soil from back home and those that didn't they lost their trees because 
there were not the microorganisms need for growth. You can add microbes 
just by take soil from a healthy tree and moving some to a place that 
has none.  I love that rhizospheric microbial population. My 
understanding is that they take soil from a healthy place and take out 
the microbes from that soil and give them a life that leads them to grow 
fast and then they put back with a high Aerobic count and Anaerobic 
count,yeast count and etc. Its living so you are using a living thing 
so I guess they have to get just the right Microbe combo. I don't know 
how it works but  It works for 
me.  They need mosture.  So I feel if you have water you can make Hot 
sandy soil good live soil with time. Microbes I feel will help to brake 
up compacted soil also. I have see my ground turn from something so hard I 
thought I needed a jackhammer now its like you springs on your feet. 

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> In reply to getting a poor or questionable soil jump started, I'd like to know
> where do you get the microorganisums to add?  I know where to get the rock P
> and K and buy or make compost, which brings/stimulates some microorganisums to
> the soil system, but am I missing a valuable point?  Can you obtain a bottle of
> microorganisums and inoculate a soil to reestablish the soil biology?  If this
> is possible and available what are we waiting for and why isn't everybody using
> it?  
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