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Here's a useful product from a SARE grant.

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Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 12:51:32 -0500
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Successful Vegetable Farmers and Their Weed Control Machines Star in New Video

        If you're interested in mechanical weed control but don't have the
opportunity to learn how successful farmers use their tools, here's a new
video for you.
        "Vegetable Farmers and Their Weed Control Machines," is the next
best thing to being there. From sweeps and rotary hoes to flame weeders and
home-made tools, this high-quality, 75-minute video demonstrates many of
the available cultivation implements. It also explains some of the weed control
strategies being used effectively by New England vegetable farmers.
        "Vegetable farmers have considerable knowledge about cultivation
equipment," says University of Vermont Vegetable and Berry Specialist Vern
Grubinger. "This video was produced in an attempt to get some of the
knowledge on film so it could be easily shared."
        Grubinger and University of Massachusetts Weed IPM Specialist Mary
Jane Else worked with UVM videographers to produce the video. Their goal
was to help extension educators and growers improve their knowledge of weed
control equipment. The USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
(SARE) Program provided funding for the project.
        While the video focuses on New England growers, the information
presented is applicable to smaller-scale vegetable farms in many parts of
the country. It shows how the implements work and how producers adapt their
use for production goals and site-specific conditions.
        "We visited nine farmers in three states to get their opinions on
various pieces of equipment and how to use them," Grubinger says. "Direct
market, wholesale, conventional, and organic growers were included."
        The video features plenty of clear, up-close footage of various
pieces of machinery in use on a variety of vegetable crops. Tools
demonstrated include: Buddingh basket and finger weeders, Lely tine
weeders, rotary hoes, rolling cultivars, Bezzerides implements, various
sweeps, as well as backpack and tractor-mounted flame weeders. Some
home-made tools for cultivating the edges of plastic mulch are also
        The nine growers explain how the different pieces of equipment work
and describe how the various tools fit into their overall weed control
strategy. The producers also tell some of the pros and cons of specific
        The video is available for $10 including postage. Make checks
payable to UVM Extension and include a note with your name and mailing
address. Send to: UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, 590 Main Street,
Burlington, VT 05405-0059.

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