The Ark Institute

The Ark Institute is a hands-on research and teaching Institute.  We work
to discover and create the knowledge, skills and technologies essential for
      One of our current projects focuses on the creation of
self-sustaining gardens and food self-sufficiency technologies --
independent of seed companies, commercial fertilizers and pesticides.   We
are very concerned about the growing deterioration of the global
environment and its effects on food crops around the world. We expect to
hear many reports of famine, expanding deserts, food shortages, irrigation
water shortages and other threats to survival in the near future.  It is
our hope that a grass roots education and implementation effort toward food
self-reliance will provide a widespread group of people with the skills and
resources to help themselves and to teach and help others as these future
dislocations materialize. 
      We are also very concerned about the planned disappearance of
open-pollinated seeds, depriving individuals and farmers from growing food
crops whose seed can be saved for future plantings.  Hybrids cannot be
saved for future crops. We encourage others to grow and save
open-pollinated food seeds, and to pass them on to others. We test and
provide information on these varieties. 
      The ongoing economic and employment dislocations caused by the
reorganization of global industries, technology, etc. represents a very
large black cloud hovering over people in all countries, in all
occupations.  There is growing recognition by world leaders that there will
not be jobs and a means to make a living for ever-larger proportions of
populations in all countries.  How will they eat?  How will people from
technologically advanced countries survive when their work skills are no
longer needed...when they don't know how to feed themselves?  We believe it
is time to rethink human survival. 
      Our research is backed by over 25 years of experience in sustainable,
organic agriculture and self-reliance technologies.  We are disseminating 
information through our publications, posts to appropriate newsgroups, to a
growing Email list, in group meetings and seminars and, as time permits, to
individual email requests for specific information.  
      Our first, full-length publication is  Build Your Ark!  How to
Prepare for Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times...Book I: Food
Self-Sufficiency. It contains in-depth information on growing
self-sustaining vegetable, grain and fruit gardens, what/how much to plant,
harvest and store for your family size. Extensive nutritional information
for self-reliant health maintenance is provided as well.  Every seed co.
offering open-pollinated seeds in the U.S. and Canada, natural, home-grown
fertilizers and pesticides and more are here.  Insects, diseases,
illustrations, natural pest management are covered.   
If you are interested in a copy, you can order it directly for $21.95 which
includes shipping costs: 
Send cash,check or M.O. made out to The Ark Institute, PO Box 364, Monkton,
MD 21111.  Include your name and mailing address. All purchases are fully
guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied, return the book in resalable
condition and your money will be cheerfully refunded. *** We are currently
sharing a sample of our collection of up to 100 varieties of lettuces from
around the world.  We have enough seed to share with our first 100 orders. 
Thanks for your interest in our work! Geri Guidetti, The Ark Institute