Mustards & Cabbage Dry Residues as Fumigants

<Winter hardy plants are likely to be the most effective for pest control
<because it is the decomposition of green plant material which gives these
<plants their pesticidal properties.  Correct me if I am wrong, anybody, but
<I do not think that a dead plant when plowed down will produce the same
<chemicals as decaying green tissue.  I have not seen any tests of this,
<just my opinion.

If you looked at the plant pathology literature, you would find that
dried plant residues are just as effective. Indeed, dried cabbage 
residues are excellent, and could be collected and moved to fields
where needed. The refs for this are in the IPM Practitioner article
mentioned in a previous post [which I sent once, but which the sanet-mg
server seems to be sending out endlessly, ad nausem].

Joel Grossman