Re: Bamboo

To those interested in purchasing bamboo plants.

There are about 240 species of bamboo available from 39 sources in the USA.
This according to Dr. Richard Haubrich, the editor of the American Bamboo
Society's Bamboo Species Source list, 1996. To get one Send a  $.55 SASE to
American Bamboo Society Species Source List, P.O. Box 640, Springville, CA

My name is Gib Cooper, I am a bamboo entreprenuer since the late 1970's.
Bamboo has been a growing interest since seeing it used by Filipino and
Japananese culture while growing up. I make a living wholly by propagating
and marketing bamboo plants, books and hardwood. This is mainly through
mailorder sales due to my desire to live in the boonies and not in an urban
area. Each major urban area tends to have its local bamboo sources.
However, there are many exceptions found around the midwest and interior
east coast. Bamboo concentrations and people working with it tend to be in
the Southeast, West coast and Hawaii.

I also spend a good deal of time volunteering my energy to promote bamboo
to others as an industry worthy of developing to ease the pressure on the
native forests for fiber exploitation. I started the Pacific Northwest
Bamboo Agro-forestry Workshops in 1994. This was an effort to get people in
the region thinking together and coordinating efforts in many directions.
Sure, there are many other crops worthy of this attention, and they will
move along with their special interest groups too. The bamboo movement is
gaining momentum. The next big event is the Big Island Bamboo Conference,
May 24-26, 1996. To get info and reg. packet go to the bamboo website at:

Good shooting!

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