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> I am compiling a list of laws, principles, and rules of biology, as well
> examples of tests of them.  If you have any favorites (or examples you
> find annoying!), please e-mail a description of them to me.  If you have
> tested (or are testing them), please send a short description or reference
> of your work.
> In return, if you wish, I will send the compilation to you.
> Thank you,

Scaling Laws in Ecological Webs:

1-Species Scaling law: the basal ( detritus and autothrops), intermediate
( preying on others and themselves preyed upon), and top ( having no
predators)  fractions of species do not vary with the total number of
species (S) in the web.

2-Link Scaling Law: The fractions of top-intermediate,top-basal,
intermediate-intermediate, and intermediate-basal links do not vary with

3-Link-Species Scaling Law: The total number of links (L) is proportional
to S and that linkage density (d= L/S) does not vary with S.

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