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Dr. Carol
"EcoAgroForestry" deals with systems of interlocking, interactive patterns
that cause organisms to be able to survive or not survive in a given place.
Let us break the word down into its component parts.

Eco = Ecology -  Ecology is the study of organisms in their environment.
There are three basic levels of ecology
* Physiological -  This is the ecology of the individual organism in the
environment and its  adaptations and interactions with its environment.
* Population -  This is the ecology of a group of related individuals of one
species and how this groups' numbers increase and decrease due to its
interaction with the physical, chemical and biological factors in the
* Community -  This is the relationship between many species or organisms,
including both plants and animals and the relationship between the levels
including predation, competition, mutualism, parasitism and other
coexperiences and is concerned with the flow of energy through the ecosystem
and the organisms

Agro =  Agriculture - the practice of producing food, fiber, and other needs
from tilling and cultivating land used by settled EarthHuman populations

Forestry =  the growing of trees in plantations and/or the maintenance of
existing wild populations of trees at their most productive level.
EcoForestry promotes specific practices for creating long-term, sustainable
forest resources.  It includes selective and certified logging, ecologically
sound logging practices, replanting of trees and the development of forest
plantations for all future lumber needs after the year 2010. It also
involves the phasing out of logging in the tropics except for plantation
forestry and the PHASING OUT of cutting of all tropical and temperate Old
Growth Forests.

AgroForestry = the creation and maintenance of land use systems that include
the production of agricultural crops, livestock and trees within the same
contiguous space.

EcoAgroForestry - the development of sustainable, productive, long term,
human-based life maintenance systems.  It involves the use of ecologically
sound methods of producing crop plants, animals and trees in a production
system that uses sustainably appropriate inputs and methods.  It includes
composting, biomass energy, solar energy, recycling, polyculture, wind
energy, biological pest control, organic farming and gardening methods,
aquaculture, water and soil conservation technologies and other appropriate
technologies that avoid the use of pesticides, insecticides, and
inappropriate technologies.

"ENTREPRENEUR" -  a risk taker who desires to create a business using his/
her own ideas, taking the risk to create more wealth by creating new
products and/ or services.

ECOAGROFORESTRY  ENTREPRENEUR = a person who makes a commitment to create
ecologically sound and sustainable businesses as a part of his or her desire
to potentiate himself and others at the same time he or she fulfills the
chosen duty to regenerate the Earth and restore the ecological balance of
its systems by practicing EcoAgroForestry. Specifically designated toward
those who become Leader in the SOLYNC EcoAgroForestry Entrepreneurial
Culture and become Joint venture owners of a Village Business Incubators. 

ECOAGROFORESTER = Any person anywhere in the world who is involved in any
aspect of moving our EarthHome and EarthHumans toward a more sustainable way
of living, working, being and doing.  That includes those who choose to do
ecotravel, who use soy ink, who wear natural cottons, who grow and use
organic foods, who develop ecobusinesses, who build with or create
sustainable materials, who use kenaf based paper, who teach our children and
adults about sustainability. Anyone working to protect the rainforests or
create a community garden, to replant the forests of the world, to help
Third World Peasants in the Peace Corps, or other volunteer programs, anyone
who cares about the EarthHome and is devoting any part of their life energy
and resources to its protection is an EcoAgroForester. It is our Mission
that within the next century, the EcoAgroForestry Century, everyone on the
EarthHome will be an EcoAgroForester.  We have created the EcoAgroForestry
Society to be a nexus/ a focal point/ a virtual netlink where EarthHuman/
The EarthHome/ LifeKind can come together and get into confluence with
others who share the same philosophy of sustainability.

About myself:  As the founder of EcoAgroForestry, I am focusing my energy
toward developing an EcoAgroForestry Entrepreneurial culture in Latin
America for Street children. In the new development paradigm that I have
formulated, I have more narrowly defined an EcoAgroForestry Entrepreneur as
a leader in a Village Business Incubator movement where the street children
will be tranformed into the Green Force. I will happily send you the story
of Forestman which relates to that part of my dual personality upon your
email request.

My personality is dual because I have two agendas.

Agenda One - Establishing Rural Agroindustrial Centers (RAICs) based on
EcoAgroForestry which includes sustainable agriculture, sustainable forestry
and rural agroindustrial development.  These centers will focus on the use
of kenaf and agroresidues for developing value added products for both local
use (like fuel briquettes and livestock feed) and for export.  I want to
create viable, growing yet sustainable agroindustries in rural areas so
people can find jobs and not have to make the deadly migration to the
shantytowns of the developing countries. Consortiums of both internationals
and local people will develop each RAIC to provide a new paradigm of
economic development.

My goal is to have several hundred of these RAICs around the world in which
I will own 10%, more or less depending on the situation.  The purpose of
developing this business is to develop sufficient income for my real agenda.
I intend to use my own funds to start Agenda two.  However, anyone wanting
to become a part of Agenda two is welcome to share themselves in a variety
of ways.

Agenda Two - Establishing a permanent culture to bring the street children
(15,000,000 in Latin America alone) into a potentiating, caring and
compassionate, entrepreneurial culture. Clearly most of this will not be
accomplished in my lifetime.  But by creating each of these entities as a
corporation, they can have a perpetual life and the work can continue after
my death. Donations and volunteers will not be able to sustain the villages
for the massive number of villages needed for the 15,000,000 children in
Latin America, which is not addressing the 150,000,000 worldwide.  

The children must become an asset to the village, not a liability.  They
will do this by developing as an entrepreneur to create the income necessary
for their upkeep.  The children will also give part of their time as members
of the Green Force, replanting local areas as part of their repayment for
being brought off the streets.  There are no free lunches (I have never
received one and neither will they) and these children will not be given
charity. Charity destroys self esteem and people's innerness as exemplified
by the destruction of the welfare populations in the USA. These children
will learn to work, to develop their own small businesses and to give of
themselves to the EarthHome and the local communities adjacent to the
villages they are in. Additionally, each child is expected to bring another
child off the streets and be responsible for their development.

Our goal is to bring children from the streets into low tech EcoAgroForestry
Village Business Incubators, train them to become productive citizens and
transform them into a Green Force to replant the EarthHome.

So as loosely defined, an EcoAgroForestry Entrepreneur could be anyone
involved in one of the RAICs or other sustainable businesses. More tightly
defined, it would be used for the people who will live in their own villages
and devote their lives for around US15,000+ per year as a joint venture
coowner of one or more of these villages to house the street children.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. I am writing a book called the
EcoAgroForestry Century that I plan to have in September at the
EcoAgroForestry Century Conference here in Arkansas.  By the way, where did
you find out about us?

Share the Light,

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