Like several other posters, I have experienced success
fencing deer out with electric fence.  I don't claim
that my method will always work, especially since
deer pressure varies so much year to year and place
to place.  However, for me it has proven to be a
successful alternative to a tall permanent fence,
which I wanted to avoid if possible.

I tried a number of fencing tricks, including
baiting the fence and building two fences several
feet apart.  Success came when I used 1/2" wide
electric tape instead of wire.  I have only three
strands, with the highest about four feet from the
ground. The tape is highly visible, and flutters 
in the slightest breeze.  My theory on its 
effectiveness is that the deer are curious enough 
about the tape that they investigate rather than 
just jumping right over, which they clearly could
do.  This is definitely a psychological barrier,
rather than an impenetrable physical one.  It might
not work if the deer were driven by severe hunger
rather than merely the temptation of more tasty
treats.  However, before this fence, they were devastating
our crops, and we see no damage now.
Jim Lukens
ATTRA, National Center for Appropriate Technology
Fayetteville, AR   501-442-9824