Mushrooms / Fungi

Hi - does anyone have any experience in growing mushrooms / fungi -
especially exotic types of mushrooms? We have purchaased a farm outside
johannesburg recently which as a lot of large, dark, dank buildings on
the property and we thought we'd start of with some mushroom varietals
such as oyster mushrooms and other japanese types as well as the common-
or-garden button mushrooms. We don't necessarily want to do a monoculture
here but something along the lines of permaculture....However, my
permaculture book has nothing about mushrooms in it.

I am particularly looking for 1) what you need to get started (besides
$$$) 2) what are the important variables you have to control (like
temperature / humidity etc.) and the growth mediums.

Also, what techniques are used to find out wether a mushroom is poisonous
or not? I remember in Italy as a child we used to pick mushrooms in the
forest and take them to an old gut in the village who would select the
edible ones out of the batch for us. However, they all looked the same.
By they way, I don't expect to try out this advice empirically!

I also want to look at setting up a permaculture training centre on this
farm. Any ideas of where I can get materials / resources / information
and maybe the odd lecturer?

pls reply to


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