Local Food production (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 03 Apr 1995 13:30:56 WST
From: Warwick Rowell <warwick@bettong.eepo.dialix.oz.au>
To: Tom Hodges <sustag@beta.tricity.wsu.edu>
Subject: Local Food production

I will be interested to see the thinking on "foodsheds".

Perhaps the idea was first explored in any detail by Jane Jacobs
in her seminal book "Cities and the Wealth of Nations". Although
she was talking about much more than food, as well. Foodsheds may be
another name for bioregions? Certainly the focus of populations into 
communities would have started with basic foods, as much as scarce 
foods, such as salt, led to inter-regional trading, and commerce as 

One of Permaculture's major tenets is that local production and 
use and recycling of all sorts of resources is a systematic way of 
building and maintaining a viable and durable culture. We focus on 
home and neighbourhood production, and then direct links to producers
of other needs, such as grains.

The "extension" aspect of Permaculture is focused around lifestyle 
and other changes at a more systematic level than just food. This 
holistic approach diffuses slowly but there is apparently not nearly 
as much "fad fadeout" as you see sometimes with narrower approaches.

Has anyone done/seen any work on the diffusion of lifetstyles?

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