"Foodshed" resource: CSA Proceedings



Please note that the statewide University of California Sustainable
Agriculture Research and Education Program (UC SAREP) has published
proceedings from a very popular conference on Subscription Farming or
Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs).  This concept is part of a
successful Foodshed.  The conference was co-sponsored by the UC Small Farm

>From a standing-room-only conference at the University of California Davis
in December 1993 comes this collection of farmer presentations about the
Community Supported Agriculture or CSA concept.  In CSAs consumers buy
"subscriptions" to local or nearly local farms, and farmers are able to plan
ahead with prepaid customers.  Subscription farming began in Western Europe
and Japan in the mid-1960s, first appeared in the U.S. in the mid-1980s, and
has been gathering momentum ever since.  The consumer group CSA North
America is calling for 10,000 subscription farms by the year 2000.  The
proceedings includes the presentations of four farmers experienced in
operating CSAs, who discussed their farms and the history and philosophy
behind Community Supported Agriculture.  The 37-page proceedings includes
bibliography and resource guide. Editor:  Gerry Cohn.  Price $8.00.
Available from:  UC Small Farm Center, University of California, Davis, CA
95616.  Checks or money orders payable to UC Regents; include name, address
and telephone on order.  Price includes tax and shipping.

UC SAREP is working to develop a program area in community food systems.  If
you have questions or comments about foodsheds or local food systems, please
contact Gail Feenstra, food systems analyst, 916-752-8408,
gwfeenstra@ucdavis.edu.  Snail mail: Gail Feenstra, UC SAREP, University of
California, Davis, CA 95616.
Barbara Wetzel