food sheds

To Tom-

more on food sheds.  Long ago (1983) I did a food self suffiency study for 
the state of Minnesota as part of a larger plan for each state in the 
country.  This massive study was sponsored by Rodale Research Inst. in 
Emmaus, PA.  I don't know if they were all finished.  I do know that the PA 
study was very complete (as was Minnesota's, I believe!).  Rodale was 
concerned with regional food self suffiency at that time and was encouraging 
states to become more self suffient in their food needs via these studies.  I 
did a lot of number crunching and data collecting; they had some conversion 
figures and a general guide on how they wanted it to be done.  I would call 
Rodale and ask about their studies if you are interested. Good luck!