Forage from trees?

Hope someone out there can help me with this.

Yes, this is for real - I have a client who has found a book by a European
(old book) that discusses the practice of growing trees for feed!

She is looking for information on using windfall tree or shrub crops (berries,
nuts, fruits, etc.)as forage for livestock:  eg. mulberries for swine, acorns
for sheep, elderberries or privet for poultry, chestnuts for cattle, etc.
Please contact Sally Metcalf, PO Box 10928, Bainbridge Is, WA 98110 (sorry,
no e-mail address - though you can e-mail me and I'll see she gets the info).

Does anyone out there hitch hiking on the information superhighway know of
scientific university research on this topic?  Any help would be most
appreciated.  Thanks!

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