Re: hogs in composting

Joel, you asked about

>Specifically, I am now looking for information concerning the use of hogs in
>composting systems. I would appreciate any information concerning
>alternative integrations of animals into ag. systems.

Have you made contact with Joel Salatin near Staunton, Virginia?  He's not
on the Internet, but has written a series of six articles in the The
Stockman Grassfarmer, beginning in September 1993.  Their phone is
601-981-4805.  In addition, Joel Salatin's address can be obtained from The
Stockman Grassfarmer.

In a nutshell, he's had the hogs doing essentially all the work turning the
compost while they grew and got fat.  He's got a win-win combination,
unless you ask the pig in the end.  He also uses chickens in portable pens
for pasture maintenance, and has people traveling over 100 miles to buy
meat and produce from him at the farm.

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