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>To all,
>        I recently found out about a group, that started in the Mid West,
>that goes around giving workshops on HRM Holistic Resource
>Management(sounds good). What is it and does anyone out there have any
experience with HRM?  Where can I get more info on it?  Thanks up front


The group that does the holistic resource management workshops is the Land
Stewardship Project in Minnesota.  I recently attended an introductory
workshop for agency people.  Here's what I came away with: The idea behind
it is simple, but very important.  It is that sustainable management
requires that you take into consideration the whole big picture all the
resources available to you (not only your assets, livestock, and equipment,
but soil quality, clean water, etc., as well as intangibles like creativity,
skills and education)--and make decisions accordingly, in conjuction with
all the people who are involved/affected (all family members, employees, the
bank, the milk plant, etc).

Holistic resource management is a way of setting goals for your whole life,
not just your farm business, and then acheiving those goals by making
short-term choices that fit with your long-term goals.   That's kind of a
simplified explanation and I encourage others who might be more familiar
with the program to add their thoughts.

You can reach the Land Stewardship Project at the following address:

George Boody
Land Stewardship Project
2200 4th Street
White Bear Lake, MN  55110
Phone: 612/653-0618
Email: boody002@gold.tc.umn.edu

Kindest Regards,

Laura Paine
UW Agronomy