Holistic Resource Management (HRM)

It was nice to see HRM mentioned on the board.  

HRM is based on observations and learnings by Allan Savory on his and others' 
ranches and the plains of Africa.  Many of the basic concepts build around 
the impact of animals on the land and the plants of the land, but it has been 
greatly expanded to include the impact activities have on the people, the 
community and the environment.

Anyone wanting to read his work can find it in his book,  "Holistic Resource 
Management".  I've seen it in University book stores and other places.  It is 
puboished by Island Press, 1718 Conneciticut Ave NW,  Suite 300, Washington, 
DC,  20009.  It costs $25 - 30.00.

It also has a good workbook available to go with it.

We have a teaching team that consists of myself (extension educator), plus a 
couple farmers who practice HRM, and a past community supported agriculture 
(CSA) farmer and staff from the Land Stewardship Project who provides 

Anyone interested in more is welcome to give me a call or drop a line. 


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