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In article <37k5f4$adc@shore.shore.net>, wbw@shore.net (William B. Warren) says:
>If one were to grow some tilapia in a solar algae tank or two, pump 
>the wastewater through a nitrifying tank, and then divert the water 
>through hydroponically grown grasses, herbs, etc. before returning it to 
>the fish tank(s), is this water a satisfactory nutrient solution? 
>Does one need to feed the fish a particular food, or a particular variety of
>foods to obtain a complete nutrient solution for the plants? Or would one 
>need to regularly add certain trace elements or salts?
>Thanks in Advance,
>                 Will

Try and catch the latest copy of 'SunWorld', the magazine of the International
Solar Energy Society - it has an article in it about farming parent prawns using
solar energy. I don't know how useful it would be, though.

You can e-mail the editor at <teasdale@tfc-bham.demon.co.uk>

Hope this helps,