Aquaponics revisited

In my discussion on Tom Speraneo's integrated tilapia and 
basil culture system, I said he'd switched to herbaceous
crops to avoid heavy feeders like tomatoes and cukes which
are fruiting crops.  

This was an error on my part*.  In fact, Speraneo has raised 
tomatoes and cukes very nicely in the past, has done so just
recently, and plans to move away from basil back to these 
two crops as well as peppers in the near future. 

* [although I am aware of other systems where herbaceous 
crops were chosen over fruiting crops due to the "heavy
feeder" syndrome]

Largely due to NAFTA, Mexican basil at $2.00/lb. has undercut 
Speraneo's normal $8.00/lb restaurant herb market in St.
Louis.  Thus, he plans to raise crops that market well 

Steve Diver
Fayetteville, AR