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Dick Richardson (d.richardson@mail.utexas.edu) wrote:

: Composting is fine, and avoids lots of problems that have regulations tied
: to them, but actually, it's even better if the composting occurs in the
: soil.  Lots of benefits are lost in having the composting first as a
: "treatment" of the organic materials in order then to produce a soil
: amendment.  The microbes in the compost pile are also needed in the soil.

The way of nature is composting on the topsoil (sheet composting). If you
bring down compostable material in the soil, it may harm the soil, because
the process could go anaerobic. The products from  such a process 
(fermentation) are not good for a soil and are harmful to the crop. 
Remember that composting is strictly an aerobic process. I think that 
composting for agricultural purposes should be done in controlled piles, 
and the products spread on the topsoil.

Sheet composting on the topsoil is allright, but inefficient.

The microbes that are responsible for the composting process in a pile
are not the same microbes, as those that inhabit the soil. I don't 
believe, that is a need or use for bringing special microbes to the soil. 
The soil breeds it's own microbes.

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