Re: Indicator plants

That is an old book, Hunger Signs, hard to find. Wish I had a copy. I did
pay for one, along with moneh sent to publisher for copies to send to
Australia, and they sent all the copies there, so I never got mine.

But there is a new one: Diagnosis of Mineral Disorders in Plants, vol 1
and 2, maybe there are more volumes now.

But I already combed these books for data for my book, as I already told
you, Organic Method Primer UPDATE, in which I have a good section on
indicator/accumulator plants, garnered from a variety of publications.

Did you see the response here from the authority on grass farming, a
frequent writer for Stockman Grass Farmer?  He said he was writing a book,
and his listing of indicators is longer than mine.

You also did not say in what country you live--maybe that might help us.

I learned  at UC, as a student, in the course on learning about soil from
airplane trips. NASA does that sort of photography all the time, maybe
they would help you, especially if you are in a foreign country.  I know
planes are used to fly over territory where the vegetation proves certain
minerals are there.

B. Rateaver