RE: Intentional Prairies (fwd)

In response to Frank Kutka's ideas on Intentional Prairies, I would like to
mention that one practical beginning on this theme is presently being 
started in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada. A small company is taking silage harvested
from the dryland wheat fields in the area and converting it into paper.

I have not been all that in touch with the project, so I do not know much of
the details.  However, they have provided 8-10 jobs for this farming community,
provide an alternate market for the silage produced, and presumably avoid the 
use of trees in thier product.  I understand that this their first year of 
operation, they have been having some technical difficulties.  As far as where
and to whom they are selling their product for distribution, I am unaware of
this information.

If anyone is interested, I could probably find out this information, or at
least pass on enquiries to those involved.

On a similar note, farmer coops are beginning to start here in Alberta and
Saskatchewan to promote the construction and operation of ethenol plants.  Low
grain prices have encouraged farmers to look for other markets for their grain.

I would welcome discussion and information on these ideas...

Peace, Roland and Carrie Schmidt-Bellach

Lethbridge, Alberta
e-mail: std_schmidt@hg.uleth.ca