Re: Q: perennial maize available anywhere?

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:i heard that a strain of perennial maize "Teosinte" was found in mexico
:a few years ago. have there been efforts to produce a perennial maize
:for northern climates and if so is it commonly available?
:there are some (very few actually) maize growers in my area - southern
:finland - but annual strains are boring when perennial ones exist.

There are two types of perennial Zea, both of which are like teosinte (Zea
mays ssp mexicana) in female flower morphology: 1) Zea perennis [a
tetraploid]  2) Zea diploperennis [a diploid that can be crossed with Zea
mays ssp mays to produce fertile progeny and backcrossed and selected to
give perennial maize].  However, for obvious reasons, seed companies have
not put much effort into developing useful maize cultivars with the
'perennial' trait.

Because of the short growing season in Northern Europe, I would doubt that
perennial maize would offer any major advantage over annual maize for
producing seed.

A possible source of Zea perennis and/or Zea diploperennis seeds is:

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