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There is some things I wonder about. Can anybody tell me what
    permaculture means. My english is not so good so try to use 
    easy words please.


Jan, Permaculture comes from PERMAnent agriCULTURE. The word was made up
by Bill Mollison. Permaculture teaches about designing land use for water
storage, tree crops, forestation, cover crops, fish ponds, soil
conservation, etc. 

In the 1970s Mollison co-wrote "Permaculture One" and "Permaculture two."
Those books have since been replaced by a bigger book, "Permaculture
Designer's Manual." Two books that influenced Bill Mollison were "Tree
Crops: A Permanent Agriculture" by J. Russell Smith (1927) and "Water for
Every Farm" by Yeomans (1960s). 

Mollison lives in Australia. There are now hundreds of Permaculture
Institutes around the world. Students can take 2-week Permaculture courses
in many places and farmers can hire Permaculture designers to help them
lay out their farms for sustainability.