Re: Urban Permaculture

In article <3gperkINNm3m@garnet.bmr.gov.au>, Warren Overton (woverton@bmr.gov.au) writes:
>       I'd like to get some information on urban permaculture. Is there any
>       literature specific to this? Most of the stuff I've seen relies on
>       having a fair area to work with. What I need is information relevant
>       to an average suburban block.

There is no particular "urban permaculture" as such. Only people up
there in the city applying Zone O, Zone I and some Zone II design
principles to their back yard. You can get that information from any
intro Permaculture text available from (I guess over there) any of the
organic, biodynamics. or self-sufficiency suppliers.

If you have any problems, please e-mail and I will send names and

Briefly, "Zone O" is the house itself that you live in, retrofitted
for energy efficiency. "Zone I" is more traditionally known as the
kitchen garden containing herbs and vegetables used every meal, while
"Zone II" comprises your chicken runs and some fruit trees; the less
frequently required resources located further out away from your back

You won't start into Zones III-V until you get out into broadacre.

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