Re: New Garden Pond Suggestions Needed

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|> says:
|> >I have a pond about the size you're planning: irregular shape,
|> 18'x11', 3 feet
|> >deep.  I used a 36 mil butyl rubber liner with nylon fibers for
|> reinforcement.
|> >I've been very happy with the result.  I used the same material for
|> the 20'
|> >stream that empties into the pond.  No leaks, no problems.  This
|> material is
|> >said to last for at least 20 years, even when exposed to direct
|> sun.
|> >
|> Pete,
|> Do you know how well this material holds up in extreme cold, say
|> -50F? Here in 
|> Fairbanks our temp drops that low for a few weeks every year and I'm
|> wondering if 
|> the liner would have to be pulled in the fall or if it could
|> overwinter in place.

I don't know, but I bet you can find out from the source:

	New World Mfg.
	Cloverdale, CA
	(707) 894-5257

They sell a variety of liner materials, and will build a liner to your
size specifications by RF welding pieces together from standard size rolls.
I would guess you'll want to find a closer source, since the liners are
expensive to ship, but you could certainly get some information about the
material from New World over the phone.  They'll also send you small material
samples through the mail for no charge.


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