New Biodiversity Book

Of Interest to the Environmental Community


Edited by

Christopher S. Potter, Joel I. Cohen, and Dianne Janczewski

This new collection of case studies presents biodiversity and genetic resource conservation in a broad and unique context.  The book includes timely examples of both plant and animal conservation at scales from local to global.  All case studies are expre
ssly set against the background of development -- community, national or international, and the competing interests of corresponding stakeholders.  This volume brings together in one place the experiences of active field researchers in the area of genetic
 resource conservation and development in the search for common themes that might provide general lessons for students, policy makers, researchers and the conservation community at large.  Although dramatic examples of genetic resource depletion are prese
nted, the book clearly demonstrates that there are in situ management techniques that appear to be successful in meeting the needs of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

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Table of Contents

Biodiversity Studies: Science and Policy  P. R. Ehrlich and E. O. Wilson

Conservation of  Biodiversity in Natural Habitats and the Concept of Genetic Potential   J. I. Cohen and C. S. Potter

Themes in Species and Genetic Resource Conservation
Conservation: Tactics for a Constant Crisis   M. E. Soule
An Evolutionary Basis for Conservation Strategies   T. L. Erwin
Balancing Species Preservation and Economic Considerations   H. J. Morowitz
Genetic Resource Conservation in Natural Habitats: Biological and Socioeconomic Dimensions  J. T. Williams

Case Studies of Biodiversity Conservation in Natural Habitats

Conserving Crops Genetic Resources in Latin America  through Framers' Participation   M. A. Altieri and C. Montecinos
Managing Diversity in Traditional Agroecosystems of Tropical Mexico  S. Gliessman
Conservation of Maize Crop Relatives in Guatemala   G. Wilkes

Fisheries and Wildlife
Conservation and Utilization of Genetic Resources in Capture and Culture Fisheries   J. S. Diana
Mangrove Ecosystem Biodiversity and Conservation in Ecuador   R. Twilley, A. Bodero, and D. Robadue
Primate Conservation and Ecotourism in Africa   W. Weber

Managed Forest Ecosystems
Ecologically-Sustainable Forest Management in the Peruvian Amazon  G. Hartshorn and W. Pariona A.
Managed Forest Gardens in West Kalimantan, Indonesia   C. Padoch and C. Peters
The Ancient Forests of the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study in Conservation and Economic Development.  D. S. Wilcove and J. T. Olson

Conservation and Regional Development
The Development of Training Programs for Conservation Research and Natural Resource Management  in Ecuador  D. A. Neill
Community and Governmental Experiences in Protecting Biodiversity in the Lowland Peruvian Amazon   M. Pinedo-Vasquez and C. Padoch
An Ecosystem Perspective on Threats to Biodiversity in Eastern Amazonia, Para State  C. Uhl, O. Bezerra, and A. Martini

The Potential of Biodiversity   C. S. Potter and J. I. Cohen