Request info on Subscription Farming (fwd)

Can anyone help with statistics or pointers to organizations in the know?

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Date: Wed, 13 Sep 1995 21:42:38 -0400
From: mooreprods@aol.com
To: san@nalusda.gov

I am currently writing a story on subscription farming for the TV show
"Market to Market" seen on about 100 PBS stations.  Seeking any info you
may have on the numbers and national scope of what appears to be a trend
towards subsc. farming, i.e. subscribers (mostly urbanites) signing up for
weekly or bi-weekly bags of fresh produce (veggies, fruit, herbs...) from
a farm (usually organic) for the season.  This is not to be confused with
CSA (Community Supported Ag) which has shareholders who share risk and
reward (bounty) with the farmer and in some cases can review financial
documents.  CSA in its purest form would be a group of people hiring a
farmer to grow food for the group as is done in Japan.  Subscription
farming is sometimes referred to as being at the opposite end of the
scale, or is removed from the CSA umbrella entirely because the
relationship between farmer and subscriber is like a magazine subscription
-- you get the mag for as long as you subscribe and you have no direct say
over its production (you get what you pay for).  MOOREPRODS @ AOL.COM