More on microbes...

On the subject of where to get soil microbes-- I want to mention one very
important bacteria.  The legume soil benefit comes from the symbiosis with
the soil bacteria rhizobia (general name).  

I planted a few acres last year and used about 16 different legumes and
inoculated all the seed with the very specific rhizobia species.  This is
not an endorsement but.... I used Nitragin Brand Inoculants and also
inoculants that arrived with my legume seeds from a very helpful company
called Wildlife Nurseries, Inc.

The bacteria advantage is used with a lot of our crops-- soybeans, alfalfa,
clovers, etc...  Nowadays in the Midwest our soils have been inoculated
enough that we don't inoculate soybeans every time we plant them.  The
"bugs" are in the soil and doing quite well without our help thank you.  But
for those legumes that haven't been grown in a certain area or at least not
for a long time (like the native legumes I was planting) adding rhizobia to
the seeds and the soil is really great for plant growth and soil quality in
the long run.


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