This is a very interesting debate.  In thinking about and discussing soil 
quality, organic matter is usually mentioned within the research circles.  
And discussion is ongoing as to which portion of the soil organic matter 
reactes (changes up or down) in a grant oriented reseach time scale.  That 
which seems to be lacking in the discusion is the role of microbes.  
Including the types of microbes and how to foster there existence.  I find 
it amazing the the Luebkes were able to increase there organic matter 
levels 13% over only 10 years.  If I have understood the claims, this 
was accomplished on a farm scale, using that carbon which available 
specifically from the Luebke farm.  I guess I am asking if the Luebkes 
needed to import Carbon from other sources?  Which gets into further debate 
as to whether enough carbon exists within the current system to allow all 
of agriculture to increase the OM to healthy levels, 5% or so.  The 
Thompsons from Iowa have made arrangments with the local village to use the 
carbon, in the form of organic waste, as a cost effective amendment to 
their soil.  Would all farmers need to compete for these contracts, or 
could the carbon be produced on-farm.
              Thomas Hansmeyer
              St. Paul MN