hydroponics for health

I read the messages on the hydroponic area with interest.  I am from
Ontario Canada and have purchased a small hydroponic growth chamber for my
home.  My unit comes from Harvest Spring Inc in Lambeth Ontario. 
Hydroponically grown Barley grass is grown in the chamber.  After 7 days
the grass is 6 - 7 inces high and ready for juicing.  For better health it
is recommended to drink about 4-6 oz per day of juice squeezed from the
grass.  A very good juicer is needed for this.  The recorded benefits are
given below:
- recognized as a complete food
- contains a balance of essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and live
enzymes known to man.
- contains chlorophyll which assists in carying oxygen to every cell.
- acts as an antioxidant to purify the body.
- promotes increased energy levels through better digestion
- has been credited with keeping hair from falling out.
- stimulates the immune system to fight disease.

After drinking barley grass juice the following quotes have been given:

" I have better overall health, and a lot more energy than i used to, my
kidneys and bowel function have also improved."

"I have experience a great improvement in my energy level.  The pain and
swelling from my arthritis in my hands has noticeably improved."

"I'm 72 years old and take 4 oz. of grass juice everyday.  I've noticed
the swelling from my arthritis has reduced considerably, my liver, kidneys
and overall general condition is much better."

"Since starting to drink Barley Grass juice, my immune system has
strengthened and I have enjoyed the increasing energy it gives me.  I am
involved in many sports and am now leading a productive life." From a man
who is Hemophiliac and HIV positive.

If you are interested in more information please contact me directly via
the above internet address

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Dear folks at alt.sustainable.agriculture,

A while ago the creation of a new mailing list, sustag-prinicples, was
announced. The list has grown to include more than 80 members and is a lively
forum for the discussion of the philosophical principles that inform
gardening and the move toward sustainable agriculture. 

Discussions in sustag-principles cover a wide array of topics, including
latent geometrical order in the biological world; sacred geometry; symbolic
and religious considerations in agriculture (e.g. culture-specific crop row
orientation schemes, culture-specific astro-calendrical beliefs about
planting times, and surveys of ancient and contemporary harvest festivals and
ceremonies); the geometric principles underlying Permaculture, Bio-Dynamic,
Biointensive, and Organic Gardening design ( e.g. mandala gardens,
rectangular block gardens, walled raised-bed gardens, etc.); sacred
architecture; the history of religious and Freemasonic iconography in
architecture and garden design; the history and construction of labyrinths,
garden follies, garden grottoes, topiary, and other forms of symbolic
landscaping; geomancy; feng shui; relationships between architecture and
music; celestial observatory sites; and sacred site tourism. 

Those familiar with the Permauclture Design work of Bill Mollison, the
Bio-Dynamic Agriculture principles of Rudolf Steiner, and the French
Intensive Market Garden methods taught by the late Alan Chadwick will
recognize the eclecticism of this approach, which seeks to integrate
agriculture into the wider sphere of cultural life. If this is of interest to

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