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<title>The Virtual Allotment</title> <h1>The Virtual Allotment</h1>

Don't think of the Net as a super highway; it's more of a virtual allotment and it's not for netsurfing, but netpottering.<p>

<i>Guardian, Online section,</i> 28.07.94

<h2><strong>Botanic gardens</strong></h2> <ul> <li><a href="">Australian National Botanic Gardens</a> <li><a href="">Brooklyn Botanic Garden</a> <li><a href="">Georgeson Botanical Garden</a> <LI>Worn out from too much net surfing? Take a break in the <A HREF=" ">Hypergarden</A>, an installation of virtual garden spaces to relax in. <li><a href="">Missouri Botanic Garden</a> <li><a href="">Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust</a> <li><a href="">Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew</a> <li><a href="">University of Conneticut</a> <li><a href="gopher://">University of Delaware Botanic Gardens</a> <LI><A HREF="">University of Florida Herbarium </A> <li><a href="">Botany Department at the University of Georgia</a> </ul>

<h2><strong>Catalogues</strong></h2> <ul> <li><a href="">Books that work</a> <li><a href="">Cindy's List</a> <LI><A HREF="">CMI</A> <li><a href="">Garden Gate: The Garden Center </a> <li><a href="">Gardener's Supply Company</a> <li><a href="">Gourmet Gardener </a> <li><a href="">InfoVID Outlet - Gardening & Flowers</a> <LI>Johnny's Selected Seeds - for catalogue send your POSTAL address to <A HREF=""></A> <LI><A HREF="">Klehm Nursery</A> <li><a href="telnet://">New York Botanical Gardens Library [Log in as 'library']</a> <LI>Richters Seeds - for information email <A HREF=""></A> <LI><A HREF="">Southern Perennials and Herbs (Mike Bridges)</A> <LI><A HREF="">Sunshine Farm & Gardens (Barry Glick)</A> <LI><A HREF="">Vengers orchids</A> [not found 07/05/95] </ul>

<H2>Discussion Lists</H2>

<A HREF="">Mailing Lists for Gardeners</A> - an extensive list of gardening-related lists <DL> <DT>Alpines (ALPINE-L) <DD> <DT>Aroids (AROID-L) <DD>LISTPROC@MOBOT.ORG <DT>Home Composting Discussion List (COMPOST) <DD> <DT>Herbs <DD> <DD>LISTSERV @VM.EGE.EDU.TR <DD>LISTSERV@TREARN.BITNET <DT>Hobby greenhouses (HGA-L) <DD>LISTSERV@ULKYVM.LOUISVILLE.EDU <DT> Virginia Extension office (Hort-L) <DD>LISTSERV@VTVM1.CC.VT.EDU <DT>Residential Gardening (RES-GARD) <DD>LISTSERV@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU </DL>

<h2><strong>Journals</strong></h2> <ul> <LI><A HREF=" ">The Arid Lands Newsletter </A> <LI><A HREF="">The Cyber-Plantsman</A> <li><a href="gopher://">The Growing EDGE</a> <li><a href="">Homeground</a> <li><a href="telnet://">Horticultural Engineering Newsletter</a> (Login using your 2 letter state abbreviation) <li><a href="">Southern Living</a> <li><a href="">Sunset - Regional Magazine on Western Gardening</a> </ul>

<H2><STRONG>Organic farming/gardening</STRONG></H2> <UL> <LI><A HREF="">Noah's Ark</A> </UL>

<h2><strong>General Resources</strong></h2> <ul> <li><a href="">Common Weights And Measures - Common U.S. and Metric equivalents</a> <LI><A HREF="">GardenNet</A> <li><a href="">The Garden Spider's Web</a> <LI><A HREF="">German horticulture server</A> [not found 07/05/95] <LI><a href="">Horticulture in Virtual Perspective</a> - provide multimedia reference materials about horticulture and information on current programs and courses being offered at Ohio State University <li><a href="">Master Gardener</a> <li><a href="">Michigan State University Extension - Home Horticulture</a> <li><a href="gopher://">Missouri Extension Service Horticulture Guides</a> <li><a href="">Nebraska Horticulture Facts</a> <LI><A HREF="">North American Plant Preservation Council</A> <li><a href="">North Carolina State University Horticultural Information </a> <li><a href="gopher://">PENPages</a> - Penn State University College of Agriculture <LI><A HREF="">Stony Brook HSC Library</A> <LI><A HREF="">Texas A & M Horticultural Programme</A> <li><a href="">TIME LIFE Complete Gardener Encyclopedia </a> <li><a href="">USDA Zone Finder</a> <li><a href="">Virtual garden</a> <LI><A HREF="">Landcape architecture</A> </ul>

<h2><strong>Freenets & Community Networks</strong></h2> <ul> <LI><A HREF="">The Garden Gate</A><BR> (also at: <A HREF=""></A>)<BR> <li><a href="telnet://">Heartland Regional Network (Peoria, Illinois).</a> [login as "bbguest"]Check the "home and garden center" for information about gardening. </ul>

<h2><strong>Garden Pictures</strong></h2> <ul> <li><a href="">DIVA (Digital Images for the Visual Arts) - Gardens & landscape design</a> <li><a href="">Boboli </a> John Singer Sargent 1907; purchased by the Brooklyn Museum in 1909; The title refers to gardens in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence <li><a href="">Flowers pictures archive</a> <LI><A HREF="">Gallery</A>[not found 07/05/95] <LI><A HREF="gopher://">Images</A> </ul> <H2>Specific Plant Groups</H2> Arranged according to DDC 20<BR> <H3>582.16 - Trees</H3> <A HREF="">British Trees</A> <H3>583.111 - Ranales</H3> <A HREF="">International Waterlily Society</A> <H3>583.166 - Theales</H3> <A HREF=" ">International Camellia Society</A> - Taxonomy, culture, propagation and research on the genus Camellia. <H3>583.37 - Rosales</H3><BR> <H4>583.372 - Rosaceae</H4> The <a href="">Rose FAQ</a> <BR> <a href="">Strawberry Fields</a> <H3>587.397 - Cuoniales</H3> <A HREF="">Hydrangea home page</A> <H3>583.62 - Ericales</H3> <a href="">Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust</a> <H3>584.32 - Liliales</H3> <H4>584.323 - Liliaceae</H4> <a href="">Daylilies Online </a>(An Experimental Project)<BR>

<P> <EM>NOTE:</EM><BR> This is merely a collection of links I have found interesting or useful. With regard any commercial organisations mentioned above, inclusion on this list does not represent an endorsement of any products or services, nor does exclusion respresent similar disapprobration.<BR> This page may be freely reproduced, amended or distributed by individuals; the author's permission is required by all others. <hr>

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