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>It would be great if you could post a note about your event to csa-l. I
>really appreciate your input there and would love to hear about your
>experiences this past weekend.
Our farm was the "working garden" on the tour of 5 gardens this year. Only
two of the 3000 + people walked away in disgust, one stating our garden was
too ordinary to be on the tour, the other furious about our cruelty to the
chickens in their chicken tractors. The tour committee made nice signs for
us to use as educational tools. Many more folks in our community will be
properly composting now. They also supplied enthusiastic volunteers who
enjoyed explaining the CSA concept and our farming techniques and philosophy.
If I have to tell anyone one more time that the purple flowers are larkspur
I will puke but overall it was a grand experience. We got tons of positive
comments about how much work it must be to do this and where can they get
produce from us, they just had no idea such an operation was in their
Many people just said a sincere Thank You. The best part was meeting
interesting people such as an established herb grower in a neigboring town, a
woman from South America who brought some interesting plants here to try to
grow, a couple who might try to do what we are doing someday. The other
benefits included the opportunity to give a lecture on the topic of our
choice - Sustainable Agriculture in your Neighborhood, and to supply 30
pounds of salad greens for the luncheon with our farm name prominently
placed. We also distributed many brochures from our farm with the CSA
information and brochures about our local farmer's market.
I'm glad it is over, I'm glad we did it. We couldn't have had things look
this nice without 15 friends coming over last Sunday for 5 hours of weeding.
To end it all, we reserved our first 3 shares for the CSA yesterday.

Ocean Sky Farm