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Well, come on, John!

Can we see yours!?! :-)




>After three years of operation, our CSA is now working on a mission
>statement. We would greatly appreciate it if any other CSAs who have
>mission statements would e-mail them to this list. Aside from helping us
>with our work, I'm generally interested in seeing how other CSA's word
>the myraid of goals CSA has.
>John Barclay, Prairieland CSA, Champaign, IL, USA
>John Barclay (217) 352-4025
>Champaign, IL, USA

The 1996 Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Conference is Scheduled for Oct 4-5
at Claymont Courts, Charlestown, WV.

Check out

Scheduled speakers include:
Bruce Blevins (BD Market Gardening),
Norio Kushi (son of Michio & Aveline) ("Human Health and Happiness")
Hugh Lovell (fixing the Cosmic Pipe + biodynamic fresh ground SPELT
Dr Peter Hinderberger (Steiner, Biodynamics and Nutrition),
Jim Marquardt (BD Orchard work);
Dr. Robert Putz (Small Farm Aquaculture)
and many more experts on organic sustainable growing, on the relation
between human inner
life and full nutrition, and on what real health truly is for humans

There will be a hall of 'vendors' who will offer biodynamic books and
organic amendments, organic health and beauty aids, homeopathy,
and other Earth-friendly items for sale and will be there to
answer questions..

Claymont Court is Located 30 minutes from Washington-Dulles
Airport, 15 minutes from Amtrak, an hour from Baltimore-Washington
in the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley near the confluence of the Potomac and
Shenandoah Rivers

Hardy Biodynamic/Organic Macrobiotic and Vegetarian Meals will be

Lodging and camping are available. More information: 304 876-2373 or

Also Check out the Biodynamic Association WEB PAGE:

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