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Sarah Milstein (milstein@nyc.pipeline.com)
Wed, 29 May 1996 14:31:57 GMT

CSA'ers - This is from Ellen Kapp, a new member of the list. Please
respond to her or to the list, not to me directly. - Sarah

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At the present time my husband
and I work full time and do part time asparagus farming. (busy springs!)
would like to try a CSA so I could get out from under the yoke of 9-5.
However, I need to know more about the day to day operations and problems
that start up causes. I had been thinking of beginning with just ONE
to see how it works. Also, we live in an area of yuppie rich folks. I had

thought of maybe doing a home delivery of fresh organic produce. Does this

ever work or do you know anyone who does this? Lots of questions. Ellen