Re: csa
Wed, 29 May 1996 16:33:16 -0400

Here on yuppie Bainbridge Island someone runs an organic delivery service
fairly successfully. She gets some produce from the Seattle wholesaler but
as much as she can comes from local growers. She operates out of a PO Box,
sending out bi-weekly order lists. She began with very low prices and over
the first year, as folks got hooked on the convenience, raised the price to
be the same as the grocery. She just has folks leave a check on the porch
and she drops off the order.

We have been selling only at the farmer's market and to restaurants and at
our little roadside stand so far. I won't sell my produce through her
delivery service. I want my customers to not have to pay the higher price
and I won't receive a cut in my price. But this year we are keeping records
very carefully to determine how many shares we will sell next year. Many
people approach us about the CSA idea. There is one on our island of 16,000
people that sells 10 shares each year. It is a side line to her cut flower
business. There is a big csa (150 shares I think) people drive to from here,
about 45 minutes away. She has been at it for 5 years and plants 2 acres.

Good luck and keep us posted, Suzy