Ocean Sky Farm

Mon, 13 May 1996 10:31:44 -0400

In response to jbarclay's request:
My husband, three small children and I cultivate our 2 organic acres on an
island 35 minutes by ferry from Seattle. The island has a population of
16,000+, mostly white collar commuters. We have been developing the gardens
and selling at the farmer's market for 4 years. We are looking at
developing a csa component to our operations in Spring 97. Things we have
read indicate it is not wise to base the entire farm income on csa revenues.
We plan to begin with 15 shares next year. A women on our island sold 10
shares for her start up csa this spring in 2 weeks. Folks here are fresh and
interested in the concept, we have had numerous inquiries about it at the
market so I don't think it will be difficult to reach 15 members.

I am interested in other's experiences in start up as well as growing on such
small acerage. Do all csa's grow all vegetables? Will shareholders mind if
I don't grow carrots?
I read an article in Growing for Market this month that described
distribution on shares by units. This made sense to me but does anyone have
any experience in this?

There is so much information and energy if we can only share it!
Thanks, Suzy