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The definition of productivity for a biological system
is fine, and one that is generic - it fits business and
other systems as well.

My original post, and this one, urge people to regard the
system as more important than its productivity.

Manfred max Neef said it well: sustainable productivity
leads us to accept the goal of productivity, and argue
about what we mean by sustainability, and the level of
it that we will pursue.

Reverse the terms, and talk about "productive sustainability"
and we are taking a vastly different, and in my view, a more
realisitic approach; Many natural systems will close down
productivity dramatically if their survival is threatened.

One of the most fundamental lessons we have learned from
thousands of years of military experience is "conserve your forces".
It is time we started applying this dictum to the task of using
soil to meeting our needs for food, shelter, fuel, etc etc.


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