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TH: Trees planted in structural soils

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Richard - Please post to the Tree House:

Town of Cary, NC desires to retrofit a downtown area treescape utilizing
trees planted in pits filled with "structural soils" under a brick paver
sidewalk.  Soil is mix of expanded slate aggregate, sandy loam and organic
component.  I an looking for first hand experiences with such soils or any
good practical knowledge about this approach.  Particularily interested in
selection of trees that do well/not well, dimensional design of pits and
maintenance implications. Has anyone seen how crepe myrtles, Chinese elm or
European hornbeam perform under this system. Any one tried chalk maple this
way or other way in eastern US?
Understand this approach being advocated by Jim Patterson, et al. Used in
Olympic Park, Atlanta and several sites in Washington, DC. 

Email me directly or through TreeHouse as you deem appropriate.    Thanks!
Shaub Dunkley
2608 University Dr.
Durham NC 27707